Here a journey ends;
a search far and wide.
Across countless new lands,
ended with sorrow and sighs.

The illusive icy spires
of frozen winter wonder,
Remain hidden from sights,
held deep in slumber.

Somnolent, but inspired,
we rest in reveries.
Souls warmed bright by fire,
set free of our pleas.

Here a journey ends,
and another will begin.
Silent sorrows mend;
the sun dawns,



Let It Go Instrumental Arrangement

Finally finished with an instrumental arrangement of Let It Go, a song from Disney’s “Frozen.”

Took exactly one week and lots of work!

Original Written By Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez and sung by Idina Menzel.

Please enjoy!

Let It Go Instrumental Arrangement

Li River Art

I drew this for my art class some months ago. It’s a picture of the Li River in China.

Li River Drawing April 7 2013 2

Spiral CO2 Car

My technology class recently ended, and I finished my CO2 car project. I realized after I painted it and only after someone noted it, that it  looks like Google colors. How I never realized that I will never know. Also it kind of reminds me of DNA. So I guess I should name it something like Google DNA CO2 Car… Speed-wise, it’s not the fastest, but I made it more for its looks. Anyways, here are some pics.

CO2 Google DNA Car 1CO2 Google DNA Car 2

Go Postal! 5x7xDesign Art Contest 2012

This was my entry for our library’s art contest where you create a postcard with your drawing/painting/photo/other. I again turned it in on the last day… I should stop doing that.  I didn’t win this year though.


Golden Spiral

I drew this golden spiral yesterday. It’s made of 27 points, each connected to all other points. Fun fact, there are 351 lines if I didn’t miss any. It’s a little smudged though..

Golden Spiral


Here’s a poem I wrote for school. It’s a narrative poem and obviously not true. It was made based on an image my teacher provided.


The dark, run down building,
Deprived of all light,
Stands before me, haunting,
As silence fills the night.

The door comes slightly ajar,
As wind brushes my face,
Taunting me to enter,
This forsaken place.

My feet guide me forward,
Into the awaiting darkness.
Wind rushes inward,
And the door closes.

In the darkness, something stirs,
Something darker than dark.
My fear heightens, my heartbeat races
At what it might be and where it lurks.

My fear keeps me from moving.
In the darkness, another shadows shifts.
I run. I don’t stop running.
Room after room I pass.

Footsteps echo behind me.
They’re close, too close than need be.
Still, they, I cannot see,
But I hear them, clearly.

A light in the next room,
An exit from this horror,
An escape from certain doom.
I run faster.

The floor, covered in sand,
Hides an unseen barrier,
I trip and land,
Upon the sand covered floor.

I struggle to stand,
Feet slipping from beneath me.
A sound from behind,
I turn quickly…

And darkness engulfs me.