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Go Postal! Art Contest Entries


Update: I received a mail from the library. It said I got second place. Before I got it though, I found out that there was a tie. I had thought I hadn’t gotten into the top few people before knowing this. After learning about the tie, I had more hope. It turns out the tie was between me and someone else. they finally decided. I received a mail from the library saying I got second place.


The Go Postal! contest deadline for entries was today. I JUST started working on my entry yesterday. Good thing I was able to finish today and turn it in. At least I did better this year in timing. Last year, I started on the day it was due! Luckily, I finished that too, sitting outside near Rochester’s Twelve Corners drawing the gazebo there. It was freezing outside and I drew until it was dark out. My mom helped me see my drawing better with her cellphone’s light. What surprised me was that I won first place in the contest! And I started on my entry on the last day!

Go Postal! 2010 entry

Go Postal! 2011 entry