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Yesterday, I finished composing an original song I came up with. I had been practicing for an upcoming piano test and I struck a few notes while practicing and they just sounded really good –¬†almost like a memory. And so I resulted in this piece. You can hear the part I just talked about at the beginning and at the end. There are a few transitions between sections that may sound odd. That’s because the cresc. and dim. and rit. don’t actually do anything in the program and the different speeds may sound sudden. But it can’t be helped. Here’s the link.


Tyler Drawing

About a week ago, I drew a picture of Tyler to give to his family along with a card with signatures and messages of many people in my school. I have wanted to post the drawing but I never got around to do it…so here it is. It may look a bit too shadowy…oh well.¬†


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