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The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D Music!

I started writing the music onto Noteflight from Zelda Ocarina of Time. The music Koji Kondo writes is probably the best. I have currently completed three of the 50 or so pieces he has made. I plan to try and do them all. Enjoy!

Title Theme:

Deku Tree:

Fairy Flying:


Random Ideas

I get bored at the piano some days, and just start hitting random notes that sound interesting. I came up with a few ideas for compositions. I think I like the Time one best. The titles are not final. There just there so I can identify them. Maybe they will stay with the same title. Fun is kind of dumb.





Memories update

I composed a new song a while ago. I was practicing chords for my piano test and I struck one chord and started playing the notes in a certain order and I just somehow came up with a whole song.  The first melody sounded like a memory so I instantly titled it that. I wrote this around a week after my friend, Tyler, who has been in several of my classes, passed away. So this song is dedicated to him. I played it in a recital two days ago on Saturday. I find it kind of funny. I wrote this post and then I saw that I already did a post on it…so…I’m a fail. WoooOOOOooow.

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