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Let It Go Instrumental Arrangement

Finally finished with an instrumental arrangement of Let It Go, a song from Disney’s “Frozen.”

Took exactly one week and lots of work!

Original Written By Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez and sung by Idina Menzel.

Please enjoy!

Let It Go Instrumental Arrangement


The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D Music!

I started writing the music onto Noteflight from Zelda Ocarina of Time. The music Koji Kondo writes is probably the best. I have currently completed three of the 50 or so pieces he has made. I plan to try and do them all. Enjoy!

Title Theme:

Deku Tree:

Fairy Flying:

Random Ideas

I get bored at the piano some days, and just start hitting random notes that sound interesting. I came up with a few ideas for compositions. I think I like the Time one best. The titles are not final. There just there so I can identify them. Maybe they will stay with the same title. Fun is kind of dumb.





Memories update

I composed a new song a while ago. I was practicing chords for my piano test and I struck one chord and started playing the notes in a certain order and I just somehow came up with a whole song.  The first melody sounded like a memory so I instantly titled it that. I wrote this around a week after my friend, Tyler, who has been in several of my classes, passed away. So this song is dedicated to him. I played it in a recital two days ago on Saturday. I find it kind of funny. I wrote this post and then I saw that I already did a post on it…so…I’m a fail. WoooOOOOooow.

Click here to see it. If you have an account, please comment or favorite, or do whatever you want.


Yesterday, I finished composing an original song I came up with. I had been practicing for an upcoming piano test and I struck a few notes while practicing and they just sounded really good – almost like a memory. And so I resulted in this piece. You can hear the part I just talked about at the beginning and at the end. There are a few transitions between sections that may sound odd. That’s because the cresc. and dim. and rit. don’t actually do anything in the program and the different speeds may sound sudden. But it can’t be helped. Here’s the link.

Baba Yetu

I have been working on an arrangement for Baba Yetu, a song composed by Christopher Tin, for my orchestra. It is from the game Civilization IV and it won a Grammy Award. It is the first video game song to win one. Since I couldn’t find an orchestra arrangement anywhere, I created my own version. Check it out here: and comment and favorite if you want. Here is the original video I used to make it: