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The Doom Machine Review

Last year, during ELA (English Language Arts) in 6th grade, I wrote a book review for homework. After handing it in to my teacher, she corrected some mistakes and handed it back to me. She gave the class a chance to send their review to the Democrat and Chronicle or keep it. I chose to send mine to Democrat and Chronicle. Today, I found my review in the newspaper (yay!). I have posted the one from the newspaper’s website.

The following is taken from:

The Doom Machine by Mark Teague

Reviewed by Muxing Zhao, a student at Twelve Corners Middle School in Brighton

What would you do with a machine capable of getting you practically anywhere in space? Using it to research other planets is one thing, but takeover is another.

In Mark Teague’s The Doom Machine, Skreeps, the spidery residents of Skreepia, intend to use this very machine to invade Earth. They have to be stopped, but not by the military or even the U.S. Army Outer Space Division, but by four ordinary earthlings residing in Vern Hollow, 55 years before today.

Among the four are two kids, Jack Creedle, a juvenile delinquent who repairs cars and alien spacecraft, and Isadora Shumway, a smart, young scientist. The ship they were kidnapped onto is headed for Skreepia. But along the way, they sneak off the spaceship and onto the foreign planet Arboria. Filled with barren land, the planet looks sad and uninhabitable. Until the Skreeps came, it used to be covered with trees. There, they meet strange creatures and surprisingly, another human, claiming to be from the year 2207.

From there on, they venture to Skreepia, a planet that is in horrific condition. Danger lurks around every corner. Garbage is everywhere, even in orbit around the planet, causing garbage to frequently rocket back to the ground. However, the biggest problem of all is that the Skreeps are ready to dominate Earth.

I couldn’t force my hands to let go of this book. Non-stop action and adventure fill the book from beginning to end. It was almost impossible to stop reading. I just had to find out what was going to happen next.

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