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Li River Art

I drew this for my art class some months ago. It’s a picture of the Li River in China.

Li River Drawing April 7 2013 2


Go Postal! 5x7xDesign Art Contest 2012

This was my entry for our library’s art contest where you create a postcard with your drawing/painting/photo/other. I again turned it in on the last day… I should stop doing that.  I didn’t win this year though.


Golden Spiral

I drew this golden spiral yesterday. It’s made of 27 points, each connected to all other points. Fun fact, there are 351 lines if I didn’t miss any. It’s a little smudged though..

Golden Spiral

Baba Yetu

I have been working on an arrangement for Baba Yetu, a song composed by Christopher Tin, for my orchestra. It is from the game Civilization IV and it won a Grammy Award. It is the first video game song to win one. Since I couldn’t find an orchestra arrangement anywhere, I created my own version. Check it out here: and comment and favorite if you want. Here is the original video I used to make it:

Doodle 4 Google Entry

There was a Doodle 4 Google contest for 2011. I decided to enter it. Sadly, I didn’t win (as I predicted) but here’s my entry anyways.